Frequently Asked Questions

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How effective is O2 Resolution technology?

Our unique technology is the most economical and efficient way to kill mold, odors, bacteria, viruses and more. This “organic” process has the capability to deprive the living organism from any oxygen. It is so effective, 99% of what we treat is killed, with “Results Guaranteed”!

What makes O2 Resolution Service certified “Organic”?

Our “state-of -the-art” technology purifies the air in Residential, Commercial, or Automobiles of all kind without the use of artificial chemicals. This is the most organic service you can find. Example: Plants or flowers planted with soil dirt only, without the use of artificial chemicals such as fertilizers, growth stimulants, and etc… is considered “organic”.

What are the benefits of O2 Resolution service?

Our “Air Purification” technology eliminates airborne ailments. Once the process has been completed the new air is the healthiest you will experience. It is noninvasive, noncombustible and environmentally friendly. This “organic” process is EPA Approved and can reduce many health issues, leaving behind a sanitized and deodorized environment.

How and why O2 Resolution process works?

Our amazing & powerful technology process seeks out and consumes 32 cubic feet of oxygen per minute in areas where air is present. This technology operates through a proprietary Tri-atomic Oxygen Vibration Delivery System which oxygen molecules vibrate apart, into three (3) separate atoms. This process breaks down the oxygen molecule without the use of chemicals. This Most Advanced technology easily kills all unwanted living organisms like Mold, Odors, Pests, Bacteria, Viruses and harmful contaminants without destroying the contents in Residential, Commercial, and Automobiles.

How can mold affect one’s health?

This answer is not meant to scare you, but it is real. Mold can grow in the lungs and on the spine. It can cause paralysis, eye fungus, and the toxic effects of fungal exposure and deadly mycotoxins can compromise the immune system. Reoccurring bronchitis is commonly caused from tainted indoor environments. Too many times, testing and eradication are performed after the damage is done, this is why we promote the eradication of even the possibility of mold, especially in surroundings that you spend most of your time in. In rare cases, mold can even produce arsenic gas and cause permanent brain damage. People that suffer from allergies, breathing impairments, nasal and sinus congestion, nose and throat irritation, and migraine headaches should make O2 Resolution's treatment their Top Priority.